Ski Hire Prices

The prices shown are for rental equipment collected at Stranda Mountain.  These prices are for the season 2018.

Prices are shown in Norwegian Kroner and are correct at the time of publishing.

CategoryPrice based on
6-8 days rental
Alpine (ski 80-12 ) 
Package: 395 NOK
Ski and Poles395 NOK
Boots:170 NOK
Package1,045 NOK
Ski and Poles:830 NOK
Boots450 NOK
Alpine Carving/Telemark Advanced 
Package:1,200 NOK
Ski and Poles:995 NOK
Fat Ski : 1,040 NOK
Package: 995 NOK
Board:810 NOK
Boots:450 NOK
Package 4-12 yrs:395 NOK
Board: 395 NOK
Boots:170 NOK
Ski Touring: 
Package: 1,200 NOK
Ski/poles/skins1,050 NOK
Ski touring boots: 510 NOK
Poles:160 NOK
Safety Equipment: 
Package: 1,100 NOK
Avalanche Transceivers610 NOK
Avalanche Shovels:285 NOK
Avalanche Probes : 285 NOK
Avalanche Backpack /BCA : 1,150 NOK