Get the most from the mountain

Spend a day, or several, with a guide or instructor to get the most out of your skis, the mountain and to experience Stranda and the Sunnmøre alps in all their splendour.

A day with "Teo" can end with a taxi back to your lodge or hotel, but it is a day you will never forget.

The beauty of the mountains in this region is that you have a wide range of terrain and difficulty.  So if you want to go off-piste with your family for the first time, or you want to skin up a mountain and ski down some steep and deep... all is possible.

The guides that we work with are all shown below along with a short bio.  Take a look also at the touring and freeride days that we arrange... and then get in touch to arrange the holiday you have been searching for.



The mountain guides and instructors